Orthodox Calendar


+ The Divine Liturgy is served every Sunday at 9:00 AM.

Божественна Літургія служиться щонеділі о 9:00 ранку.

+ Holy Confession is available before Liturgy.

Свята Сповідь перед Літургією.

+ For Baptisms, Weddings, Panakhyda or any other services. Please arrange with Father Vasyl Dovgan.

Про Хрещення, Вінчання, Панахиди чи інші Богослужіння будь ласка, домовтeся з настоятелем отцем Василем Довганoм.

+ Pastoral Visitations: Please inform Father Vasyl if any of your friends or family members cannot attend Church on a regular basis and would like to receive Spiritual guidance.

Пастирськi Відвідини: Будь ласка, повідомте Отця Василя, якщо будь-хто з ваших друзів або членів сім’ї не можyть прибути до Церкви.


Resurrection of Our Lord: 1 May
Nativity of our Lord: 7 January
Epiphany: 19 January
Meeting of our Lord: 15 February
Annunciation of the Most Holy Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary: 7 April
Palm Sunday: 24 April
Ascension of our Lord: 9 June
Pentecost: 19 June
Transfiguration of our Lord: 19 August
Dormition of the Mother God: 28 August
Nativity of the Holy Virgin Mary: 21 September
Elevation of the Holy Cross: 27 September
Entry of the Holy Virgin Mary: 4 December
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The purpose of fasting: To help us lift ourselves above all those things which bind us to our worldly life, freeing ourselves to be united in Him. As we fast we are reminded that we depend on Him for our food and have also are in need for spiritual food that is much more than our daily bread. We learn this by forgoing the extra sweets, the pleasurable drinks, the abundant foods so we will not be fully satisfied by the earthly pleasures but seek instead the treasures that are beyond this life and world. In this process of fasting we are lifting our thoughts to things that are of the heavenly realm that bring us true joy and unbounded pleasures. The fast is a time to break our attachments to those things which have power over us, learning to set them aside so we can be freely governed by God’s will alone.