Welcome! / Ласкаво просимо!

Glory to Jesus Christ! – Glory forever!  Cлава Ісусу Христу! – Слава навіки!

Welcome to the new website for St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Troy, NY!

We are an Orthodox Christian Church, professing the unaltered faith and teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles, and worshipping according to a cycle of liturgical services which has been in use for nearly two thousand years. The Orthodox faith is the original Christian faith in all of its beauty and glory. Our church follows the Julian (Old) Calendar. You all are welcome to come and see, to come and join our parish family.We hope to see you on Sunday at 9:00AM for Divine Liturgy and for coffee after the LiturgyMay God bless you in all of your daily activities.   

Дорогі во Христі брати і сестри. 

Христос посеред нас!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Слава Ісусу Христу!

Вітаю Всіх вас з довгоочікуваним Днем Св. Святого Миколая!
Незнаю, наскільки ви були чемні, але впевнений, що Св. Миколай не омине вас зі Своїми благословеннями та подарунками, якщо ви щиросердечно підносили до Нього прохальні та подячні молитви!
Вірю і молюся що Св. Миколай зробить ваше життя натхненнішим та щасливішим!

Щиро вітаю Вас з цим чудесним днем. Сердечно бажаю вам всім, здоров’я, добра, злагоди, радості та великої духовної благодаті всім вам і вашим родинам!!!

Дорогі во Христі брати і сестри. 

Христос посеред нас!

З Божої ласки, ми з вами знову дочекалися цієї прекрасної осінньої пори, Дня подяки, коли кожен має прекрасну нагоду зібратися в колі своєї родини, друзів, чи близьких за святковим столом. Не забуваймо в цей день принести свою подяку Всевишньому Богу, що сподобив нас дожити до цих веселих свят. Сидячи при святковій вечері, огляньмося і подякуймо Господу за наших близьких, з якими ми удостоїлися бути поруч у цей день, за їжу та всі щедроти, які ми маємо на сьогодні, оскільки все це – дарунки Отця нашого Небесного. Хай щира подяка та молитви лунають в цей день! Хай наші душі та серця наповняються радістю та милосердям! З Днем подяки всіх вас! Божого Благословення!

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ.

Christ is Among Us!

With the Grace of Our Immortal God we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is about being with family and friends, sit down with the people who mean the most to you. Also please do not forget the most important to give-thanks to God for all blessings. All people around us, our friends and family members and all richness it’s the blessings from Immortal God. May your Prayers come from the bottom of your hearts. May God Bless all of you and your family’s and friend’s with good health and fill your hearts with joy and happiness. Warm Wishes for a Happy Thanskgiving to you all.

With Love in Christ Fr. Vasyl d, Ilona and Solomia Dovgan. 

The Great Famine of 1931-1933 in Ukraine ( Holodomor) which took from 7 mollion 10 10 million innocent lives and became a national tragedy for the Ukrainian people. 
Please remember them in your prayers. 
Please light the candles in memory of those who perished.




ALBANY, N.Y. – A local boy signed a letter of intent on Tuesday to play basketball at the University at Albany as he battles a rare illness.

J.P. Honsinger is a happy-go-lucky eleven year old who loves sports. “He’s always got a ball in his hands,” J.P.’s dad Jay said. “We play basketball, hockey, lacrosse before school and after school.”But at the age of six, Jay noticed J.P. was having difficulty with his vision and balance. After years of testing, J.P. was diagnosed with Niemann Pick Type C Disease, or a form of early childhood Alzheimer’s. “He’s gonna slowly,” Jay started. “He’s gonna go from walking like he walks now to a wheelchair to a hospital bed. And then eventually as he continues to just get weaker and then a breathing tube, a feeding tube, and then he’s just going to die. And it’s going to be a slow, agonizing death. That’s what happens, and I gotta watch it.”But that’s where the community has stepped in. Multiple fundraisers have been held and the UAlbany lacrosse and basketball teams have adopted him – most recently on Tuesday’s National Signing Day.“They have enough trouble just raising awareness locally,” UAlbany head coach Will Brown said. “And I just figured the platform that I have. I’ve never seen somebody sign an 11 year old before. I thought that we might be able to run with it.”The entire team signed a basketball to give to J.P. And for Jay, he’s holding on tight to the here and now. “We’re lucky in so many ways,” Jay said. “We just cherish the day and try not to think about the future and do what we can medically to hopefully help.” J.P. will have his secret wish granted from Make A Wish on Monday, and then on Wednesday, he will sit with the UAlbany men’s basketball team’s bench for their home opener against the New Jersey Institute of Technology.



LATHAM, N.Y. – A benefit was held on Monday for J.P. Honsinger, the 11-year-old Clifton Park boy who is battling childhood Alzheimer’s. J.P. loves sports, but when he turned six years old, his dad started to notice he had difficulty with his vision and balance. After years of testing, doctors diagnosed him with “Niemann Pick Type C Disease,” a form of early childhood Alzheimer’s. It’s a struggle, but he got some inspiration on National Signing Day when he signed a National Letter of Intent with the University at Albany men’s basketball team. Hundreds of people came out to a fundraiser at The Century House Monday to raise money for J.P., his family, and to find a cure. “Not a lot of people know about Niemann Pick Type C, and so the more people that know J.P., it’s going to benefit so many people’s lives because he’s such a positive kid,” UAlbany lacrosse player Justin Berger said. Those who knew J.P. directly and even indirectly came out to the event. But his story has also reached those he’s never met. John Henry said he’s only seen the Honsingers in passing. He said he came to the event to support the cause because it was finally his opportunity to help the boy he’s never met but whose story has inspired him. “He’s a kid. That’s what did it for me,” Henry said. “He’s a kid. I definitely wanted to do anything I could and once I heard the event was going on, I thought that was a perfect way to be able to help.”    http://www.news10.com/story/

Mark’s Angels Foundation

Several of our Parishioners from Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church Troy, NY volunteer for Mark’s Angels Foundation. Mark’s Angels Foundation was founded in memory of Mark Barabash, who lost his battle to Leukemia at the age of three on January 22, 2012. Mark was the beloved grandson of our Choir Director, Mykhaylo Tcapar, child of Lilia and Ivan Barabash and brother of Maria Barabash.

The Mission of the Foundation is to provide financial and emotional support for children and the in families who have been diagnosed with rare blood d is orders and cancers. They are also contributing to medical research in hopes of one day finding a cure.

Our Parishioners work with a wonderfully generous local company, Alex and Ani located in Saratoga Springs, NY, to annually host an event for Mark’s Angels Foundation. Alex and Ani and Marks’s Angels co-host this event in the Alex and Ani store where 15% of the total sales goes to Mark’s Angels Foundation. In addition, a bracelet is raffled off. This event is a huge success. With the money raised, our Parishioners deliver wrapped gifts to the sick children at Albany Medical Center who will be spending the Holidays in the Hospital. These small tokens create large smiles on beautiful faces.

We all know that we can’t help them physically, but there are a lot of different ways to make those kids happy even just for the few minutes. Jesus Christ taught us to love one another, to give and it will be given to you”. What can be more important for all of us then the blessing from out heavenly God? By supporting each other especially the kids, we are making them happy and at the same time we are earning salvation for ourself. By buying small gifts for the kids we are brining kids back to life and that gives them the strength to go through the hard time, depression and sickness. Let us not forget about the people who are in need of our prayers, support, our love and attention.

Парафіяни храму св. Миколая у Troy, NY щорічно підтримують благодійний фонд під назвою Mark’s Angel, що був створений родиною Цапар-Барабаш на честь їхнього сина Марка, що помер від важкої форми раку крові у 2012 році. Страшна трагедія втрати синочка, братика та онука сколихнула нашу громаду і не тільки… Проте улюблений Марко продовжує жити у наших серцях та в надії на життя інших хворих дітей. Він став ангелом, який молиться за них та за своїх родичів, що переживаючи таку втрату, знайшли в собі сили спрямувати свою любов до Бога та до тих дітей, що як і Марко колись, проходять через важкі випробовування. 

Допомога здійснюється за рахунок співпраці з крамницею відомої компанії Alex and Ani у місті Saratoga Springs, NY. Раз у рік з 6 до 8 вечора крамниця здійснює продаж біжутерії на користь цього фонду, куди перераховується 15% від проданих прикрас за цей відрізок часу. Минулого року вдалося отримати більше, ніж 1000 доларів, які згодом витрачаються на Різдвяні подарунки та особливі потреби дітям у Онкологічній лікарні міста Albany, NY, що хворіють цією особливою формою раку крові(HLH & JXG). Всі, хто бажав здійснити свій внесок у цю благодійність, приїхали до крамниці або ж робили телефонні замовлення. Продукт Alex and Ani є унікальним виробництвом США з переробних матеріалів. Здебільшого це браслети, кольє та сережки. Організатором цих щорічних заходів стала Таня Петроф за підтримки родин Раян та Кульбіда – парафіян храму св. Миколая Чудотворця (Трой, НЙ)

Цього року, починаючи з 6 години вечора, крамниця була переповнена відвідувачами. Кожен мав можливість придбати прикрасу для себе чи своїх близьких як різдяний подарунок, зустріти давніх друзів чи знайти нових, поласувати солодким, а головне – стати частиною цієї надзвичайної, благодійної події. Також було розіграно лотерею, призом якої був Alex &Ani браслет. Переможцем лотереї стала Лідія Кульбіда.

Такий унікальний спосіб пожертви приносить радість не тільки нам, але й тим діткам , що у лікарнях місяцями боряться зі страшою хворобою на межі життя і смерті. Для них, у такий важкий час, підримка людей є тими ліками, що зцілюють душу, а часом і тіло. Можемо уявити, скільки радості приносить дитині нова іграшка чи костюм улюбленого героя, а разом з радістю приходить і надія, і сили для боротьби. Ми своїми благими намірами втішаємо свого ближнього, а себе збагачуємо духовно. Люди, що ніколи не залишаються осторонь чужої біди є спасінням для цього світу. То ж ми, наслідуючи приклад Христа, прагнемо поширити добро і запрошуємо всіх приєднатися до нас! Ми віримо, що наші найменші намагання можуть відіграти велику роль у швидкому одужанні невинних дітей!

Pierogi -Time

One again Parishioners from St. Nicholas Parish Troy, NY got together with their friends as one strong family in Christ to make delicious Ukrainian Pierogis.

I would like to say thank you very much to you all for all your help for being so nice and generous with your time for our Parish. It was very good to see more people participating and being a big part of our Vareniki or Pierogy project. More people came it was fun to work together and we finish early. Thank you all very much for your effort to work for the Church. I do appreciate it very much.

We are looking forward to do Pierogy next time on December 15-16, and we also looking forward to see you and your friends there. We made more than 280 dozen this time, raising just over $1,800 after expenses, but are expecting many more orders for the holidays so we could really use your help! Please take the time with this advance notice to make time in your schedule to join us again. We are hoping to see you at the Church Hall: 391-2nd Street, Troy NY, 12180.

May God be with you. With Prayers Fr. Vasyl Dovgan.

Our church prays for a peaceful resolution to the unrest. Please join us for Divine Liturgy each Sunday at 9:00am.

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  1. .. Am looking for any info on my father William Oskar Lapiska born in Troy, NY in 1885 mother name Josephine of the Orthodox church. Do you have records going back tothat time.. Father name was Alexander.. Thank you.

    • Glory to Jesus Christ
      Dear Brother/Sister in Christ
      I did research for any information of your Father and Mother and unfortunately I can’t find anything. I’m so sorry, I will do more research maybe I will find something.
      Can you please provide more information about them, if you have it. What year they were baptized or Married …
      Thank you.
      With Prayers Fr. Vasyl Dovgan.

      • I I have no other info, other than my father’s parents came from Poland Thank you for your efforts.I sent you aletter,thinking my computer was not working. Was surprised to see your answer to my E-mail. Once again thanks..

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