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Glory to Jesus Christ – Glory Forever.

Слава Ісусу Христу – Слава  на Віки.

Welcome to the new website for St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Troy, NY!
We are an Orthodox Christian Church, professing the unaltered faith and teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles, and worshipping according to a cycle of liturgical services which has been in use for nearly two thousand years. The Orthodox faith is the original Christian faith in all of its beauty and glory. Our church follows the Julian (Old) Calendar. You all are welcome to come and see, to come and join our parish family.We hope to see you on Sunday at 9:00AM for Divine Liturgy and for coffee after the LiturgyMay God bless you in all of your daily activities.   

Thursday April 9th 5:00 PM Reading of Passion Gospels. — Читання 12ти Євангелій (Страсті).
Great and Holy Friday The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord Vespers with Procession of the Holy Shroud at 7:00PM —-Розп’яття і смерть Господа нашого Ісуса Христа. Вечірня та процесія з Святою Плащаницею o 7:00 вечора.

 Saturday 11th at 6:00PM Blessing of the Baskets (in the church basement). Church will be open from 4:30-7:30 PM for Adoration of Christ entombed. / о 6:00 вечора Благословення кошиків. Храм Божий Буде відчинений для Відвідування Божого Гробу з 4:30-7:30 вечора.

Sunday 12th PASCHAL SUNDAY. At 6:00AM Procession – Resurrection Matins following Divine Liturgy of Pascha and then the The Blessing of Paschal Baskets.

ВОСКРЕСІННЯ ХРИСТОВЕ o 6:00 ранку – Обхід з Плащаницею – Воскресна Утреня та Воскресна Літургія та освячення пасок.


April 13 th, 2015 Bright Monday – Світлий Понеділок.
8:45 AM – Confessions 
9:00 AM Moleben Service to Christ the Savior / Молебень до Христа Спасителя.

 General Information – Загальна Інформація

The Divine Liturgy is served every Sunday at 9:00 AM.
Божественна Літургія служиться щонеділі о 9:00 ранку.
Holy Confession is available before Liturgy.
Свята Сповідь перед Літургією.
For Baptisms, Weddings, Panakhyda or any other services, please arrange with Father Vasyl Dovgan.
Про Хрещення, Вінчання, Панахиди чи інші Богослужіння, будь ласка, домовтeся з настоятелем отцем Василем Довганoм.
Pastoral Visitations: Please inform Father Vasyl if any of your friends or family members cannot attend Church on a regular basis and would like to receive Spiritual guidance.
Пастирськi Відвідини: Будь ласка, повідомте отця Василя, якщо будь-хто з ваших друзів або членів сім’ї не можуть прибути до Церкви.

House Blessing- 

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  1. .. Am looking for any info on my father William Oskar Lapiska born in Troy, NY in 1885 mother name Josephine of the Orthodox church. Do you have records going back tothat time.. Father name was Alexander.. Thank you.

    • Glory to Jesus Christ
      Dear Brother/Sister in Christ
      I did research for any information of your Father and Mother and unfortunately I can’t find anything. I’m so sorry, I will do more research maybe I will find something.
      Can you please provide more information about them, if you have it. What year they were baptized or Married …
      Thank you.
      With Prayers Fr. Vasyl Dovgan.

      • I I have no other info, other than my father’s parents came from Poland Thank you for your efforts.I sent you aletter,thinking my computer was not working. Was surprised to see your answer to my E-mail. Once again thanks..